Cash Discount Payment Processing – Save Thousands!

Cash Discount Payment Processing Program

Using a Cash Discount Payment Processing program will save your business thousands in processing fees! North American Bancard has developed an Edge 0% Program that will do just that!

Our We provide new smart terminals loaded with the PayAnywhere app that automatically assumes the price of each non cash transaction 4% to cover all of the non-cash processing fees just like this is a non cash transaction. EX: a $100 charge typed into the new terminal will show up as $104. The customer is then charged $104 to cover all of the fees. Then the next morning the $100 is deposited into your business checking account.

Cash Discount 0% Payment Processing

Receive The Competitive Cash Discount 0% Payment Processing

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Cash Discount 0% Payment Processing Is Fair To You And Your Customers

Think about it, which of your customers currently provides higher margins for your business: cash paying or non-cash paying customers? Cash, right? But are you doing anything now to incentivize these more profitable customers?

Our Cash Discount Processing gives you an easy way to reward them for paying with cash. More than half of your customers are going to pay with non-cash tender, so you have had to price all of your products in a way that offsets that cost.

Are your cash paying customers are paying the same amount with no benefit? If so your current system is not fair to your cash paying customers. That is why we invented our Edge )% Cash Discount Payment Processing program. This platform is truly fair to all of your customers and your business!

Edge 0% Cash Discount Payment Processing

Edge 0% Cash Discount Payment Processing:

Standard Payment Processing Per MonthCash Discount Processing Per Month
Total cc sales: $50,000 Total cc sales: $50,000
Total transaction fees: 300 X .15¢ ea = $45 Total transaction fees: 300 X .0¢ ea = $0
Total batch fees: 30 x .25¢ ea = $7.50 Total batch fees: 300 x .25¢ ea = $0
PCI fees: $9.95PCI fees: $0
Statement fee: $7.50Statement fee: $0
Total interchange fees: $1,680.05Total interchange fees: $0
Grand total processing cost: $1,750 MonthlyGrand total processing cost: $0 Monthly
Yearly Processing Cost: $21,000Yearly Processing Savings: $21,000

Benefits of a Cash Discount:

If you did not have payment processing fees anymore, how much would it add to your bottom line? A lot, right! Here at iSmart Payments, we have a smart solution for your business that will eliminate 90% + of your processing fees. Just imagine how much your business will be saving would be year after year. This is why having a cash discount processing program is so important.

No More:

  • Payment Processing Fees.
  • Statement Fees.
  • Per Item Fees.
  • PCI Fees.
  • Batch Fees.
  • Yearly Fees.

You Will Love:

  • Same/Next Day/Instant Funding Options.
  • No Payment Processing Fees Deducted From Your Checking Account.
  • Simplified Statement.
  • No Contract.
  • No Cancellation Fees.
  • Free Smart Processing Equipment.

Receive Easy To Read Statements

North American Bancard Will Provide Dual Pricing Signage
So You & Your Customers Both Benefit

Cash Discount Payment Processing Dual Pricing Sign

Edge 0% cash Discount Payment Processing How It Works

Cash Discount Payment Processing (Edge 0%) Rate To The Customer = 4%.
A $100 (sale) X 4% = $104 charged to your customers card.

The Discount Rate To The Merchant = 3.8461%.
Merchant is billed 3.8461% on the $104 = $3.999944 (= $4 fee) charged to you the merchant which equals the $4.00 billed to the cardholder – merchant amount equates to the consumer amount. $104.00 (settled) minus (-) $4.00 (discount rate)= $100 (merchant net funded into checking account)

PCI Plus Protection Is Included!

Get Set Up With Edge 0% Cash Discount Payment Processing!

Greg G Kapitan of iSmart Payments

What makes Cash Discount Payment Processing (Edge 0%) by North American Bancard and iSmart Payments so good? Getting double support. Not only from NAB on the 1-877 corporate level, but also yours truly on the local iSmart Payments level. Greg G Kapitan. You can call or text me at: 801-205-1955 anytime. Contact us and save thousands!

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