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iSmart Payments – The Best Card Processing Rates & Solutions To Grow & Manage Your Business.

iSmart Payments makes accepting payments hassle-free for in-store, online, over the phone, remotely or on the go. We offer card processing and payment solutions with a strong focus on the enrichment of your business.

Are you already processing cards and would like a better rate? If so, the first step is to submit your statement for your Free Rate Analysis. Your business will receive two LOWER rate options for your consideration.

The Best Rates & Options

Edge 0 Card Processing Lower Card Rate Payment Solutions
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Quick Service Business
We Offer Free PayAnywhere Smart Terminals.

Free Smart POS Systems

iSmart Payments POS Solutions
Choose From Major Brands Of POS Systems.

We Offer Three Exciting Card Processing Rates –
Save Up To 90% On Your Fees In Writing!

You get to choose the best rate plan and free smart processing equipment for your type of business:

Edge 0%

(for 90% or more in Savings)

Tiered .39% – 1.29%

(for 30% or more in Savings)

Interchange Plus

(for 40% or more in Savings)

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Our Payment Solutions Processor, NAB is Trusted By More Than
350,000 Businesses Nationwide.

Just imagine with all of the NAB clout in processing over 45 BILLION dollars of transactions per year, what we can do for your business. iSmart Payments is a local Utah company and representative for the said company, and we are here to help!

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Grow Your Business.

iSmart Payments offers innovative risk-free, no contract merchant services with smart payment solutions to process all of your digital card transactions. Are you wanting to increase your business revenue with our Edge 0% Processing? Our rate and fee structures are the most competitive in the industry. Innovative Reputation & Employee Management tools. Freedom to expand your business with the most innovative products we offer available on the market.

Get Set Up With AMEX OptBlue With Lower Processing Fees! All Cards Will Be On ONE Settlement Statement.

AMEX Cards
> Click Image To Learn More About The American Express OptBlue Program & Cards Being Processed At One Low Rate <

Don’t Get Left Behind By Not Offering Your Customers Edge 0% Dual Pricing When Your Competitors Are.

Payment Solutions And Price options I really like
> Learn More About Edge 0% Dual Pricing Options To Offer Your Customers & Save 90% Of Card Processing Fees <

iSmart Payments Is Screened & Trusted.

iSmart Payments is your Merchant Service Advocate that is Gephardt Approved. We help business owners find the best payment solution for their specific business needs.

This we do by offering the latest Smart integrated and secure payment processing to power your business’ profitability and management. You will enjoy receiving same day, next day or instant funding options.

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    Choose, Next Day, Same Day or Instant Funding Options.

    Choose From A Variety Of Smart Payments Solutions.

    iSmart Payments offers no start-up costs and no cancellation fees. Business owners enjoy peace of mind with secure processing options such as EBT, PIN, EMV Chip, NFC Contactless, Magstripe, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Check out our many Smart Terminal & Point Of Sale Offerings below.

    Smart Credit Card Terminal iSmart Payments Credit Card Processing Solutions
    Smart PayAnywhere Credit Card Terminal – Tap Card NFC (Near Field Communication) EMV Chip, Apple Pay Android Pay Or Swipe Card & PIN (if needed).

    PayAnywhere Countertop
    Smart Keypad PAX A 80.

    Payment Solutions Utah PAX A80 smart terminal

    PayAnywhere Smart Mobile
    Terminal PAX A 920 Pro.

    Free Payment Processing Terminals smart credit card terminal

    Micros Point Of Sale Systems.

    As a global leader in POS hardware, software, open integrations, and innovation, Oracle MICROS also maintains a 40-year tradition of excellence in consultation and support services for its cloud-based and on-premise POS customers across 180+ countries.

    Micros POS iSmart Payments
    Process orders, streamline daily operations, maximize employee productivity, customize consumer experiences, and boost sales with easy-to-use hardware. 

    Micros Smart POS Point Of Sale.

    Micros POS System

    Micros Self Service Smart Kiosks.

    self service kiosks

    PayAnywhere Smart POS Plus System.

    Efficiently check out your customers with our large format point of sale system. The PayAnywhere Smart POS System comes with an impressive 12.5″ HD touchscreen, 4.3″ customer facing display, receipt printer, and barcode scanner.

    Martha's Vineyard Merchant Services PAX E700 Smart Terminal
    With the PayAnywhere POS + you’ll transform your countertop with a point of sale system designed for your storefront. 

    PayAnywhere Smart POS Plus
    Point Of Sale System.

    Payment Solutions Smart POS Point Of Sale System

    PayAnywhere PayAsYouGo
    Smartphone Card Reader.

    Smartphone Card Readers

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