Salido iPad cloud-based Restaurant POS – 0% Cash Discounting

Salido iPad Restaurant POS With 0% Dual Pricing

Upgrade your establishment with the cutting edge Salido iPad cloud-based Restaurant POS. Salido is a single platform that unifies your restaurant operations under one login. Whether you are a single or a multi-unit operator, we take an enterprise level approach to streamlining all your operations. Our SALIDO POS was created with the best interest of restaurant operators in mind. This system allows you to focus on what matters to you most, your customers. Leave the rest to us. iSmart Payments will get you up and going with your new Salido Restaurant POS system for your restaurant business.

iPad Point of Sale Touch Screen Interface

Our Point of Sale system was built for the intricacies of restaurant operations.

The sleek design and robust efficiency optimizes workflow and allows businesses to streamline the processes. All the while enabling you to save time, and drive your business profits to new heights.

Merchant Services Salido POS Point Of Sale Restaurant

Restaurant Tables

Adjust The Menu And Inventory Management On The Fly

Here you can communicate seamlessly through our open system to keep everyone on the same page. Or if you are running low on a special or need to 86 an item

Salido POS Menu and inventory management
adjust table seating

Enjoy Floor Plan Updating In Just A Few Clicks

You can have a guest hopping from the bar to another table? Or do you want to close off a section for a VIP event? With SALIDO, you can make custom floor plan updates and easily rearrange your seating as needed.

A Perfect Fit For Your Restaurant Groups

Compare data from all your locations to get a better overview of your entire business. Identify which locations are performing better and why.

View aggregated analytics instantly rather than sorting through individual reports from multiple locations.

A Perfect Fit For Your Restaurant Groups
Salido Restaurant POS Decision Support

Decision Support A Must Have

Optimize sales and drive profits with anytime access to precise info regarding sales mix, hourly cover counts, and a myriad of other metrics.

All of this is available in your hands, through the SALIDO software in your hospitality POS system or on the go in the manager app.

Anytime And Anywhere Management

Use your unique PIN or access card to manage your orders, checks, tables, menu items, print reports, and more.

Each user’s ability to view sensitive cardholder data will depend on the role they’ve been assigned.

Anytime And Anywhere Management

Enjoy Advanced Reporting Features

POS Reporting

The Salido cloud-based reporting engine provides in-depth and dynamic insights for operators to fully comprehend their business and identify areas of focus to increase profits.

Restaurant owners and managers enjoy the robust reporting features provided.

Our Kitchen Display System

Salido Kitchen Display System allows for the execution of best procedures to maximize operations.

The KDS ultimately improves the guest experience by saving time, reducing errors, and while increasing meal quality. Your staff will have, quick and easy access to all the details the restaurant’s needs.

Kitchen Display

The Salido Operation Center

Restaurant POS Operation Reporting Center

The Salido Operation Center module aggregates data to seamlessly manage your business’ workforce, reduce labor costs, generate forecasts and support smart real-time decision-making.

Salido POS system certainly is a must-have for any restaurant establishment.

Increase Business Revenue By Offering Dual Pricing

Dual Pricing With Salido
Increase Business Revenue By Offering Dual Pricing

POS Restaurant Dual Pricing

Robust In Depth Reporting Features Of Salido Restaurant POS Are Listed Below:


Manage Salido From Anywhere

Use your unique pin or access card to manage your orders, checks, tables, menu items, print reports and more. Each user has a unique access and set clearances for their specific user position.

Salido Restaurant POS

See Live Status’ & Reports

Generate an up-to-date report of your sales. Staff can get a head-start calculating their tips during downtime. Your business will receive real-time information that can make for a easy and more efficient closeout process.


Easily Update Floorplan

Need to rearrange the floor plan for a last minute large party seating? Do you have a guest hopping from the bar to table? Need to close off a section for a VIP event? Make custom updates on the fly quickly and easily with Salido.


Menu & Inventory Management

We pride ourselves on providing you access to real people with hospitality experience. We will assist you when you’re in the weeds, dealing with a difficult check or simply wanting to report how much you love using our system.

Salido Restaurant POS

Everything At Your Fingertips

Have access to viewing all open checks from wherever you are. If you are you’re in the bar, the main dining room, or out on the patio. Business owners and manages alike enjoy how you can view them literally from anywhere.


24/7 Live Support

We prioritize the importance of our merchants having access to live people who have hospitality experience. They are on stand-by, ready 24/7 whenever their assistance or support is that is ever needed. Also, iSmart Payments local support for your business.

Simple Integrations Of Salido POS Restaurant System

Integrate At Every Step Of The Process:

Integrate at every step of the process

Getting Your Salido Restaurant POS System Built

iSmart Payments is thrilled to offer the Salido Restaurant iPad cloud-based POS and the Salido Viento for your fine dining establishment. We will work with your business layout in getting your system up and running.

Greg G Kapitan of iSmart Payments

What makes Salido Restaurant POS from iSmart Payments so good? Getting double support. Not only from NAB on the 1-877 corporate level, but also yours truly on the iSmart Payments level. Greg G Kapitan. You can call or text me at: 801-205-1955 anytime. We are here to help!

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