Kwick POS Kiosks & Customer Self Service with Loyalty Program

Kwick Customer Self Service Kiosks & Customer Display

iSmart Payments is offering the Kwick Self Service Kiosks, customer display and kitchen displays. These trending terminals come packed with practical features bring new customer experiences and management styles while accelerating your business growth. Reduce labor costs with a Kiosk self-service stand or use customer display giving them 100% transparency about their orders. Both solutions are perfect for integrating with our loyalty program to convert new customers into your regulars.

Kwick Customer Self Service Kiosks, A Game Changer!

Kwick POS Customer Self Service Kiosks & Customer Displays

On Site Digital Employee

The self order kiosks enable guests to browse, pick and order, and it is routed directly to the kitchen. Now, your staff can focus on guest experience rather than internal communication.

The Kwick self service kiosks

Kwick Kiosks

kwick self service kiosks

Simple Customer Interface

  • Browse to order and route the order directly to the kitchen
  • Display of mouth-watering images to best present your food
  • Tip enablement with default & adjustment
  • Digital receipt enablement

Kwick on-site digital employee

  • Create a seamless communication between customers and kitchens
  • Let customers control the order process at their pace
  • Reduce communication errors
  • Increase tip income
  • No wait-staff needed
  • Reduce labor cost and peak time intensity

Kitchen Display System

Digital hands for your kitchen

  • Different screen size to mount or place at any working station
  • Catches all in store and online orders

Digital kitchen management

  • Order management and delivery management integration
  • Increase customer experience while reducing kitchen work intensity
Kitchen Display System Kwick POS

Customer Self Service Display System

Merchant and Customer facing kwick self service kiosks

Open conversation

  • Simultaneously display order details to your customer while taking order
  • Display of loyalty program and gift card information let your customers redeem points or save for the next purchase
  • Customers can swipe card, sign, and tip on one screen
  • Use it as an in store promotional channel to showcase offers, pictures, or videos

Order faster and sell more

  • Adjust and correct orders on the spot
  • Showcase promotional content on the same screen during ordering or customer waiting period to boost consumption

Greg G Kapitan of iSmart Payments

What makes our Kwick Self Service Kiosks & Customer Display options by iSmart Payments so good? Receiving double support. Not only from NAB on the 1-877 corporate level, but also yours truly on the local level. Greg G Kapitan from iSmart Payments. Put my cell number in your smartphone as you can call or text me anytime at: 801-205-1955. We are here to help!

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