Free – Discounted Clover POS Systems – 0% Cash Discount

Free And Discounted Clover POS Options!

Process Customers Payments for Only $69.95 Per Month

iSmart Payments is offering Free Clover POS Point of Sale Options for your business. Enjoy the benefits of a Clover system complete with corporate Clover support as well as someone from iSmart Payments you can call or text 24/7. Here is our cell number: 508-221-6356 or 801-205-1955 and ask for Greg.

Grow and Manage Your Business:

  • iSmart Payments 0% Cash Discount
  • Save Thousands in Credit Card Processing Fees
  • View Payments Activity 
  • Employee Management 
  • Manage Stock Inventory 
  • Reputation Management 
  • Free Clover Reporting App 
  • Free Reporting Back Office Virtual Terminal 
  • Invoicing, Recurring Billing and More!
Clover Station Duo POS Options People At Business 0% Card credit card processing fees

Clover POS Systems From iSmart Payments!

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Flex Mobile (Free)

Free Clover Flex iSmart Payments

Clover Mini (Free)

Free Clover Mini iSmart Payments

Station Solo ($799)

Clover Station Solo from iSmart Payments

Station Duo ($999)

Clover Station Duo from iSmart Payments

Payment Processing Rates iSmart Payments Offers:

Interchange .35%

(40% + savings – fees paid by business)

iSmart Payments credit card processing rate

Interchange (.35%) is an Interchange Plus Rate platform starting at .35% basis points or lower. Businesses pay the fees at an interchange rate.

  • .35% Debit Cards With a PIN.
  • 1.39% Debit & Credit Cards no PIN. 
  • 2.25 % AMEX / Rewards.
  • 2.99% Manually Keyed-in Virtual Terminal.
  • Average of All Cards = 1.72%.

Dual Pricing 0%

(90% + savings – fees included in sale total)

iSmart Payments credit card processing rate

Dual Pricing (0%) is a 0% Rate Dual Pricing platform. The 4% processing fees are included in sale total. Or Customers can choose a 4% discount for paying cash.

  • 0% Debit Cards With a PIN.
  • 0% Debit & Credit Cards no PIN. 
  • 0% AMEX / Rewards.
  • 0% Manually Keyed-in.
  • Average of All Cards = 0%.

iSmart Payments Has The Best Clover POS Rates and Options:

clover pos point of sale competitors rate & options

4.8 Stars Clover Go Dashboard POS Features:

Clover POS App Reviews Ratings
  • Clover Go Mobile Payments – Dashboard reporting tools to track revenue, ability to filter POS reports allows you to see the busiest times and best-selling items. Get aggregated sales across all your locations, view end-of-day reports, track total sales per employee and so much more.
  • Enjoy 24/7 customer service phone support as we as iSmart Payments support at: 801-205-1955 call or text message.
  • Rapid Deposit option with access to funds generated by sales within minutes.
  • Option to set up both digital and physical gift card options.
  • Option to accept payments online through a virtual terminal.
  • Option to accept PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Google Pay payment options.
  • Option to sync with third-party apps if ever needed.

    Clover POS Point of Sale Station Solo YouTube Video

    Clover Free & Discounted POS Options Are Below:

    Free Clover Mini POS System

    Complete point of sale system full of robust reporting options

    • Generous sized touch screen for you and your employees
      The up-sized 8″ touch screen provides plenty of room for confirming orders, completing payments and managing everything you need to run your business.
    • Taking payments made simple
      Customers can dip or tap payments front and center with conveniently located card slot and contactless reader options.
    • Send receipts with a variety of options
      Customers can opt for a printed receipt from the built-in printer. Or elect other options such as receiving it by email or text.

    Clover Station Solo POS System ($799)

    Smart Clover POS station to grow and manage your business with

    • Large LCD touch screen for you and your employees
      The 14” high-definition touch screen makes your work fast and easy, from inventory and employee management to payments and reporting.
    • Ready for your business right out of the box
      Comes with a cash drawer and receipt printer β€” all you’ll need to get up and running.
    • Your team will be in the know whenever it is needed
      Sync communication between your staff and back office portal to enhance and streamline the way your business runs.

    Clover Station Duo POS System ($999)

    Clover Station Duo a smart POS to grow and manage your business with a customer facing screen

    • Your business will benefit as two screens are speedier than one
      Keep lines moving with a 14” HD display for the cashier and a 7” touch screen for your guests to confirm their order, leave a tip, redeem rewards, pay, and request a printed or digital receipt.
    • Enjoy beauty and brains with our all-in-one POS System
      Attractive and easy-to-use hardware with a printer and included cash drawer and all the right software in one system.
    • Clover Duo is totally expandable to your business needs
      Build a system tailored to your business needs. Bundle multiple countertop and handheld devices with accessories like printers and scanners. The good news is that it all works together, seamlessly!

    Free Clover Flex Mobile Payments

    Smart a mobile POS device with all of the features your business will need

    • Your business anywhere in a single unit
      A portable POS machine with a nearly 6” touchscreen, built-in printer, camera and barcode scanner for table-side ordering, inventory, and payments.
    • Many more payments types wherever you go
      Customers can swipe, dip, tap or choose contactless payments wherever you are doing business.
    • Integrates well with others or as a stand alone unit
      The 100% mobile handheld POS to run your whole business and can be paired with other Clover devices. You can design a complete location solution.

    Clover Go Mobile Payments

    Mobile payments on the go wherever your business takes you

    • Take customer card payments in person right from your smartphone
      Pair the Go app with the credit card reader for your phone to offer swipe, dip, and contactless NFC payment options to your customers.
    • Easy and simple to use
      The Clover Go app is easy to download and intuitive so you can start processing card sales ASAP.
    • Compatible with both iOS and Android Systems
      The Clover app works on all the major operating systems so no matter what type of phone you use. The Clover Go will work for you any time, any place!

    Login And View Your Clover POS Sales

    View Your Clover POS Sales At Any Time
    • Your revenue available in real time
      Business owners and managers can keep track of total overall and hourly revenue. View top-selling items, refund and discount volume, open orders, and so much more.
    • See sales across all your locations
      With Clover, now you can receive aggregated sales across all your business location. This includes online and in-store sales.
    • Anywhere, anytime full access
      Here you can monitor sales as they come in from wherever you are. Simply pull up your dashboard on your mobile phone or laptop with an internet connection.

    Business Insights And Reporting

    Clover Reporting Dashboard iSmart Payments
    • At-a-glance performance insight
      Identify the best and worst performing items, locations, times and team members. All this with Clover’s sales tracking system.
    • Enjoy easier tax preparation
      Now you can make the tax filing process faster and simpler by accessing built-in POS reports. And you can hand-off or email files to your accountant or tax preparer. Also with the ability to sync directly with accounting software like QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Xero.
    • Customizable business management reports
      Build the reports you need to help you make better decisions. This is for the overall performance and health of your growing business.

    Closeout Reporting For Your Clover POS

    Clover POS Dashboard Closeout Reporting
    • Gross sales and refunds
      Get a full snapshot of your day as soon as you close out your business day.
    • Tips and server totals
      Track your business total sales per employee. Distribute tips to your staff as needed.
    • View all credit card transactions
      View the total sales volume of your credit card transactions, per card type and so much more.

    Meet Katelyn Free Clover POS Business Owner

    Welcoming πŸ€— WHOLLY MACRO NUTRITION to our latest Clover POSπŸ€ Merchant family located in UT! Stop by and say hello to owner Katelyn for some yummy Essential Vitamins, Micronutrients & Superfoods! πŸ§‹Tell them, Greg from iSmart Payments sent ya!

    Free Clover POS Mini WHOLLY MACRO NUTRITION owner Katelyn

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    Clover Will FedEx Your New POS System!

    FedEx’d with tracking to your door directly from Clover in just two days!

    FedEx Delivery Truck
    Greg G Kapitan of iSmart Payments

    What makes receiving a new Free Clover POS Point of Sale System from iSmart Payments so good? Getting double support. Not only directly from Clover/Fiserv on the 1-855 corporate level, but also yours truly on the local level. Greg G Kapitan. You can call or text me at: 801.205.1955 anytime. We are here to help your business grow!

    Fiserv Clover Office Staff