Free PayAnywhere Mobile Countertop Terminal Machine – 0% Rate

Free PayAnywhere Mobile and Countertop Terminal PAX A920 Pro

PAX A920 Pro Free Credit Card Terminal Machine PayAnywhere iSmart Payments

PayAnywhere is an excellent choice for any business on the go or on the countertop at your location.
Process all payment types with our Edge 0% rate option! Join the payments revolution and save thousands!

The photo is of Alyssa and Greg Kapitan at, Juan of A Kind Food-truck in UT! One of the many iSmart Payments happy merchants using our Edge 0% rate dual pricing cash discount option.

📶 No Signal, No Problem!
Offline Transactions allows PayAnywhere businesses to keep accepting payments as you normally would. The transactions are saved in a queue and then processed later when the connection can be reestablished.

Accept Credit Cards  Juan Of A Kind Food Truck iSmart Payments

0% Rate Free PayAnywhere Mobile and Countertop Terminal

Free PayAnywhere Mobile and Countertop Terminal Features:

Enjoy a sizable 5″ HD touchscreen, receipt printer, and barcode scanner. The PayAnywhere mobile smart terminal PAX A920 Pro is the most versatile unit on the market today with a variety of great features:

  • Next Morning Funding
  • No Contracts 
  • iSmart Payments & Corporate Support
  • Airtime & Lifetime Warranty Included!
  • Integrated EMV chip card
  • Tap to Pay, Digital Wallets, Apple, Android and Google Pay
  • QR Code Payments
  • Text and Email Receipts
  • Large, scrollable 5″ touchscreen
  • In-depth reporting.
  • Fast WiFi connectivity + AT&T 4G
  • Built-in receipt printer
  • Front & back cameras for barcode scanning
  • PIN debit and EBT acceptance
  • Integrated Inventory Management

Integrated Smart Mobile Credit Card Processing Terminal

PayAnywhere Mobile Smart Terminal Merchant Services
The PayAnywhere PAX 920 A accepts all payment types. A revolution in mobile payments.

This all-in-one handheld device combines the convenience of a fully equipped terminal with the advanced functionality of PayAnywhere. With an added plus of lightning-fast transaction times. The Mobile Smart Terminal is the perfect match for a variety of businesses. This wireless smart credit card reader allows you to securely accept payments for your business:

  • In and around your store, restaurant and great for line busting and to speed up your checkouts.
  • Perfect for farmers markets, shows fairs and the like.
  • Great for quick and convenient curbside checkout so you can swiftly move on to the next customer.
  • A wonderful option many business on-the-go or at the business location.

Portable PayAnywhere Payment Acceptance Types:

PayAnywhere Restaurant Server With PAX A920 Pro Credit Card Terminal
Restaurant Server With Credit Card Terminal Tap Card NFC (Near Field Communication) EMV Chip, Apple Pay Android Pay Or Swipe Card.
  • Acceptance of EMV chip cards.
  • Enjoy being able process NFC contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay QR Code payment methods.
  • lso compatible with the PIN and EBT debit payment option.
  • Quickly swipe credit and debit cards using a magstripe reader for older cards.

iSmart Payments Processing Rate:

Interchange .35%

(40% + savings – fees paid by business)

iSmart Payments credit card processing rate

Interchange (.35%) is an Interchange Plus Rate platform starting at .35% basis points or lower. Businesses pay the fees at an interchange rate.

  • .35% Debit Cards With a PIN.
  • 1.39% Debit & Credit Cards no PIN. 
  • 2.25 % AMEX / Rewards.
  • 2.99% Manually Keyed-in Virtual Terminal.
  • Average of All Cards = 1.72%.

Edge 0%

(90% + savings – fees included in sale total)

iSmart Payments credit card processing rate

Edge (0%) is a 0% Rate Dual Pricing platform. The 4% processing fees are included in sale total. Or Customers can choose a 4% discount for paying cash.

  • 0% Debit Cards With a PIN.
  • 0% Debit & Credit Cards no PIN. 
  • 0% AMEX / Rewards.
  • 0% Manually Keyed-in.
  • Average of All Cards = 0%.

How 0% Card Processing Fees Works:

The PayAnywhere App using our Edge 0% Dual Pricing Cash Discounting automatically includes the 4% for each non-cash transaction to cover all processing fees. A $100 charge typed into the mobile terminal will show total as $104. Customers understand this as we have many merchants in the country doing so. Next morning $100 is deposited into your checking account. Clean and simple!

This feature can be turned on and off as seen in the image below:

Edge 0% Dual Pricing Cash Discounting Turn On And Off

Accept QR Code Payments:

QR code Scanning
QR Code Scanning Compatible

Smart Terminal Docking And Charging Options.

Improve your clientele’s perception and your staff’s efficiency with the docking home base for you PAX A920 Pro Smart Terminal. Your staff will immediately know where to pick it up from and where to return it to. The base will always keep your smart terminal fully charged.

L920BC-Charging base with power port.
The belt pouch holster it easier for staff to bring the Smart Terminal on-the-go.
PayAnywhere and North American Bancard logos

All Mobile Smart Terminals are on AT&T 4G Signal.

Account Wide No Matter How Many Terminals You Have:

  • 25 transactions per month are 100% free
  • .01 cent per transaction after the 25 (e.g. .01¢ X 50 transactions per month out in the field)  = $.50
  • $9.95 Wireless access fee after the free first 25 transactions per month
AT & T Signal Logo

With Every Merchant Account Receive Free
PayAnywhere SmartPhone App & Virtual Terminal:

The Payments Hub Virtual Terminal Reporting

With our Payments Hub Virtual Terminal, you can see all of your transactions and so much more from any computer with an internet connection. Perfect for any business with the following and more:

  • See detailed sales reporting
  • Create categories
  • Send out invoices with payment link
  • Set up recurring billing
  • Customer and Employee management tools
  • Set inventory & photo icons
  • Create Customer & Employee profiles
  • Customize with your logo
  • And so much more
PayAnywhere PAX A920 Pro Payments Hub Virtual Terminal Options Merchant Services

The Powerful PayAnywhere SmartPhone App Is Included.

 Now you can Accept payments PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader
PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader App Send Receipts
Reporting PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader
Create recurring invoices from PayAnywhere Mobile Smart Terminal
Create item library. PayAnywhere Mobile Smart Terminal
Inventory Card Reader
Create tickets or tabs as needed
PayAnywhere Adding Tips Mobile Smart Terminal

Receive Your Free PayAnywhere Mobile Terminal Machine

Tracking to your door directly from PayAnywhere / North American Bancard in just two days!

FedEx Delivery Truck

Greg G Kapitan of iSmart Payments

What makes PayAnywhere Pax A920 Pro Mobile Smart Terminal from iSmart Payments so good? Getting double support. Not only from NAB on the 1.877 corporate level, but also yours truly on the local iSmart Payments level. Greg G. Kapitan. You can call or text me at: 801.205.1955 anytime. We are here to help.

North American Bancard Staff PayAnywhere Mobile Smart Terminal