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Salon, Spa & Barbershop POS from Clover – Grow And Manage Your Business

Independent Hair Stylist Options:

✔️ No
Card Reader

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Salon / Spa Business Owner Options:

Run Your Entire Salon & Spa Business With Clover POS

Hairstylist at a Clover Salon And Spa POS

iSmart Payments will remove the stress out of running a beauty salon and spa with a point-of-sale system (POS) that can help streamline your operations.

Enjoy integrations with payment processing to online bookings to loyalty programs. Our smart salon business management solutions will help grow your sales and enhance the client experience.

User Access for Employees and Track Sales:

Clover Mini POS at a Barber Business

One of the first apps you will want to get familiar with on your Clover POS system is the Employees app. This will allow you to tailor the access given to each employee, view reports for each user, and give remote access to employees via the Clover Dashboard and mobile app. When you open the app, you will see 3 tabs: Employees, Roles, and Permissions.

Adjust User Permissions For:

  • Employees taking payments from customers
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Track your business total sales per employee
  • Distribute tips to your staff as needed
How To Manage Employees

Employee’s Sales Are Instantly Recorded:

All sales will instantly be recorded as you can view reports at anytime or at closeout. In the lower part of the image below, you can see John B and Annie L’s sales.

  • View individual totals
  • View & adjust tips
  • And more
Here you can View End Of Day Reports Per Employee
A Clover Salon And Spa POS Customer At Counter

View Your Business Product Inventory Anytime:

Barcode scanning

Users can leverage inventory barcode scanners and automatically add scanned items to their overall store inventory count.


Clover also provides real-time low-stock alerts. These are automated notifications sent to managers and other users that alert them that a stocked item is running low. Managers can then order more of that item without ever running out.

The Clover Inventory Management Features and system

Bulk edits 

Save yourself hassle and time with bulk edits. Now, you can update inventory items faster and more efficiently. Rather than changing one inventory item at time, the bulk editing feature lets you change information for multiple inventory items at the same time.

Improved filters

Enhanced filtering lets you find specific inventory items fast. That means you can keep an eye on specialty stock, ingredients, or material quantities in your inventory and place a reorder quickly.  

Alphabetized list

Clover’s Inventory now lets you automatically alphabetize inventory items. Search menu items, categories, modifiers, or modifier groups easier without the frustration of scrolling through pages of listings. That can save you time on searches and record keeping.

Customized column views 

Now you can get the inventory summary you want by customizing your inventory column views. Simply select the columns you’d like to see on the Inventory Items page to view the categories you want.

Business Insights and Reporting:

The Robust Clover Reporting Dashboard iSmart Payments
  • At-a-glance performance insight
    Identify the best and worst performing items, locations, times and team members. All this with Clover’s sales tracking system.
  • Easier tax preparation
    Make the tax filing process faster and simpler by accessing built-in POS reports. And you can hand-off or email files to your accountant or tax preparer. Also with the ability to sync directly with accounting software like QuickBooks.
  • Customizable business management reports
    Build the reports you need to help you make better decisions. This is for the overall performance and health of your growing business.

iSmart Payments Processing Rates:

Interchange .35%

(40% + savings – fees paid by business)

iSmart Payments credit card processing rate

Interchange .35% is an Interchange Plus Rate platform starting at .35% basis points or lower. Businesses pay the fees at an interchange rate.

  • .35% Debit Cards With a PIN.
  • 1.39% Debit & Credit Cards no PIN. 
  • 2.25 % AMEX / Rewards.
  • 2.99% Manually Keyed-in Virtual Terminal.
  • Average of All Cards = 1.72%.

Edge 0%

(90% + savings – fees included in sale total)

iSmart Payments credit card processing rate

Edge (0%) is a 0% Rate Dual Pricing platform. The 4% processing fees are included in sale total. Or Customers can choose a 4% discount for paying cash.

  • 0% Debit Cards With a PIN.
  • 0% Debit & Credit Cards no PIN. 
  • 0% AMEX / Rewards.
  • 0% Manually Keyed-in.
  • Average of All Cards = 0%.

Need More That Just Basic Scheduling?

Clover With Cojilio An All-In-One Booking And Payment Solution

If you’re a service-based business, you know that coordinating appointments can get complicated. That’s why many businesses are turning to online booking software to help simplify the process. Using an online booking system can ultimately help you attract more bookings. All the while avoiding the manual process of updating an appointment book at the front of your business. The time saved on managing your business’s appointments will give you more time to focus on your clients.

Cojilio Booking System

Are you looking to minimize the manual, repetitive work associated with managing appointments and schedules? Cojilio can help! The Cojilio app, available in the Clover App Market, is a powerful booking software for any service-based business that can help you save time and make more money. The best part is to keep clients coming back!

Booking Scheduling & More From Cojilio & Clover!

Your Own Customizable Cojilio App!

Your Own Customizable Cojilio App!

Online Booking And Scheduling

With Cojilio, you get your own branded online booking portal link, so you don’t require a website to offer online booking. Customers can book their appointments from their desktop or mobile phone, and they have the option to pay for services in person or through the app. You and your staff can conveniently access your calendar and schedules online or in the Cojilio app. Any changes made to the calendar are updated in real time, and your whole team is notified.

Online calendar checkout

Automate Digital Intake Forms

Cojilio Forms Appointment details

Go paperless! You can create waivers, consent forms, appointment intake forms, a Health Questionnaire, and surveys in the Cojilio Online Form Builder – an easy to use drag and drop style form builder, no coding required. And, if a client arrives for their appointment and has not completed the required form(s), reception can easily re-send the form via SMS or email to the client’s mobile device.

Sync Products And Inventory

All the products you have in your Clover Inventory will automatically sync to Cojilio, so you can easily add items to a client’s appointment during checkout. When you sell a product through Cojilio, your Clover Inventory levels will automatically recalculated! A great feature to have with your Clover Salon And Spa POS System.

The Clover Salon And Spa POS System

A Custom Loyalty And Referral Program

A Custom Loyalty And Referral Program

Keep your clients coming back to you! Clients automatically receive loyalty points once their appointment is complete, and they can redeem those points for discounts on eligible services when booking their next appointment.

Create a referral program and reward your clients for referring your business to their family and friends.

Communication With Your Customers

Keep your staff and your clients in the loop. Communicate with your clients through emails and push text notifications sent to their phone with reminders about upcoming or follow-up appointments. Also aftercare instructions, promotions, and new services.

Once a client has booked an appointment in the app, they can direct message you through the in-app chat with any questions or requests they may have. Cojilio can even help improve team cohesiveness by allowing you to send out staff wide announcements to your employees. View Cojilio pricing here.

The Clover Salon And Spa POS Sms-Text Notifications

Cojillo Pricing:

Cojilio Salon and Spa Pricing

Cojilio from the Clover App Market is a complete booking and client loyalty platform for any service-based business.
It is designed specifically to accommodate the needs of complicated service experts.

Cojilio can be connected to any Clover SaaS plan (even account only, no POS). There is no minimum Clover SaaS plan required in order to connect Cojilio. As long as the merchant has an MID, it can be connected to Cojilio for card-not-present booking system payments & saved client cards on file.
Cojilio subscriptions will always follow the Clover SaaS functionality of the connected Clover account:
So, if they have the Clover plan that does not include taxes, then they will not be able to set taxes in Cojilio.
If they do not have a SaaS plan that includes items/inventory, then they will not be able to add retail inventory items in Cojilio Checkout. We sync over these settings from Clover, so if the settings do not exist in Clover then they do not get those settings in Cojilio. 

Cojilio is a complete booking and client loyalty platform

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