Clover Station Duo POS With 0% Cash Discount Card Processing

The Clover Station Duo POS System

Receive Customer Payments For Only $69.95 Per Month!

iSmart Payments is offering Clover Station Duo POS systems to business owners. Clover makes running your business simple. It is the largest, fastest and user friendly POS system of the Clover offerings. 

Get Yours Today Only $999 (was $1,999) for Business Owners +

  • Interchange .35% Processing Rates!
  • Edge 0% Processing Rates!
  • Call/Text: 801.205.1955 to Get Set Up Today!

Receive the entire 4-piece complete new system directly from Clover with iSmart Payments and Corporate Clover 24/7 Support!

From accepting payments, organizing inventory to managing your team, everything is at your fingertips. Access it all anytime and anywhere with a Clover Point of Sale.

  • iSmart Payments 0% Cash Discounting Payment Processing Rate
  • Next Morning Funding
  • View Payments Activity 
  • Employee Management 
  • Manage Stock Inventory 
  • Reputation Management 
  • Free Clover Reporting App
  • Free Reporting Virtual Terminal 
  • Invoicing, Recurring Billing and More!
The Clover Station Duo POS System

The Versatile Clover Station Duo

  • Clover is easy to use and ready to go, right out of the box
    Clover Station Duo is ready to go to work right out of the box with intuitive software built in. Therefore training your staff is minimal. If needed, iSmart Payments is here to help.
  • Now you can accept every type of payment
    Customers can pay anyway they want with Clover. Credit or debit. Swipe, dip or contactless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay. Even accept next generation payments like PayPal, Venmo and QR codes.
  • iSmart Payments and Clover has your back
    Protect your business and customer information with end-to-end encryption and integrated chip sensors. We provide total payment security.
Shoppers at Clover Station Duo POS running a card transaction

So Much Good Stuff Built-in

  • Ease of use
    The Clover system prompts your customers exactly what to do and where to sign.
  • Get to know and understand your customers
    Clover helps you grow your business with a customer list that builds automatically from credit card sales. Providing an instant information-gathering database for your business
  • Clover lets you reward customer loyalty
    Your customers deserve special attention. With Clover, you can build rewards programs to keep them coming back to your business.
  • Offer promotions with purpose in mind
    You can now easily offer promotions to your customers in a timely manner. Let them know what’s new and what they don’t want to miss. Something like a fresh spring salad, a summer dress or discount on their favorites. As you know, customers love options and deals.
Clover Customer Loyalty

The Clover Station Duo Details

  • Payment types: 
    The Clover Station Duo accepts chip, swipe, and NFC contactless payments. This includes Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay options
  • LCD Screen: 
    A bright 14″ high-definition merchant-facing touch screen and 8″ customer-facing touch screen
  • Receipt printer: 
    A high-speed thermal dot receipt printer
  • Full Security: 
    Clover Security offers to every merchant end-to-end encryption
  • Camera & Scanner: 
    Dual high resolution 5 mega-pixel cameras with scanning software
  • Connectivity: 
    WiFi, Ethernet, and 4G/LTE
  • Cash drawer: 
    The cash drawer includes a bill tray, coin tray, two keys, and a security cable
  • PIN Pad: 
    A virtual keypad for PIN entry for your customers
The Clover Station Duo Product Details

Your Business Insights From Anywhere

No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can keep tabs on your business. With Clover, you can run your business even when you away from your business location. 

The Clover Dashboard provides access your terminals, reporting, inventory and so much more. This is possible, even if you have several locations in or out of state.

Clover Reporting Dashboard

The Clover Station Duo YouTube Video

A Happy Clover POS Business Owner!

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Free Clover POS WHOLLY MACRO NUTRITION owner Katelyn

Clover Station Duo POS Service Plans:

Process payments with reporting, invoicing, website, virtual terminal & developer tools with Clover Payments Basic 100% FREE of charge! Choose the best Service as a Software (SaaS) plan at anytime you want and cancel as well through the Clover App Market 24/7/365.

Payments Basic

$0/month up one device
$7.95/month each add’l device


  • Virtual Terminal
  • eCommerce products
  • Developer tools
  • Invoicing
  • Transactions reports


$14.95/month up one device
$9.95/month each add’l device


All Clover Payments Basic Plus:

  • Basic order management
  • Basic inventory management
  • Customer engagement
  • Advance reporting

Register (retail)

$49.95/month up to one device
$14.95/month each add’l device


All Clover Payments Basic + Clover Essentials Plus:

  • Advanced order management
  • Advanced inventory management

Counter Service (restaurants)

$54.95/month up to one device
$14.95/month each add’l device


All Clover Payments Basic + Clover Register Plus:

  • Additional features for restaurants such as online ordering, takeout and delivery, remote ordering printing and item modifiers

Table Service (restaurants)

$84.95/month up to one device
$14.95/ each add’l device


All Clover Payments Basic + Clover Counter Service Plus:

  • Additional features for table service restaurants such as table mapping and table side ordering and firing

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What makes a new Clover Station Duo POS from iSmart Payments so good for your business? Getting double support. Not only directly from Clover/Fiserv on the 1-855 corporate level, but also yours truly on the iSmart Payments level. Greg G. Kapitan. You can call or text me at: 801.205.1955 anytime. We are here to help!

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