Customers Promos Rewards Engagement Platform from Clover

Customers Promos And Rewards from Clover

When iSmart Payments sets up your Clover account, you will have access to the Clover Customer Feedback, Promos and Rewards Engagement platform. Your loyal fans make your business hum. Clover Rewards lets you create a unique loyalty program that gives customers three ways to earn special perks. Setup’s easy, and it comes free with your Clover Point of Sale System.

The Clover Customer Engagement Suite:

Click on the Golden Trophy on the Home home screen to get started.
If not there go to: more tools > search for the golden rewards app > download this app that will linkup with your Clover device.

Customers And Fans Will Smile And Come Back:

Fun And Engaging

Send our tempting offers to your loyal fans to make the smile. They will come back for more!

A Bigger Spend More Often

Customers engaged with loyalty programs spend 60% more per transaction, purchase 90% more often, and are 5x more likely to choose that brand in the future.

Preloaded And Ready-To-Go

Launch the app and manage a great reward system. This is right from your POS. Rewards comes free with your new Clover system.

a clover happy rewards customer

Clover Rewards For Your Customers And Fans:

 Rewards for Clover Customers App On Terminal
  • Customize your rewards offers
    Here you can tailor your reward program to fit your business. Create multiple perks to reach even more customers as needed.
  • Get them to sign up
    Customers can enroll right at the counter or from the Clover mobile app. And every receipt is a fun reminder to sign up.
  • Award rewards points automatically
    Customers earn points based on the purchase amount or qualifying inventory items, which helps ensure only authorized points are applied.
  • Redeem rewards from the register
    Customers are notified that they’ve earned a reward and can redeem it at checkout. You can also add perks directly to their order if ever needed or offered.

Clover Rewards App:

  • The Clover mobile app gives customers a simple way to earn rewards and order ahead at favorite business just like yours. It puts your business in your customer’s pocket. Way cool!
  • For customers, earning perks is as easy as sharing their first name when transacting. And the Clover app makes transactions even faster with order ahead and auto-pay options.
  • Clover mobile app is fast, friendly, and free on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a great way to deepen customer relationships and keep them coming back with offers.
  • The Clover mobile app enables your customers to place mobile orders for pickup while earning rewards at your business.
The useful clover rewards app for customers

Greg G Kapitan of iSmart Payments

What makes receiving Clover Customers Promos And Rewards from iSmart Payments so good? Getting double support. Not only directly from Clover/Fiserv on the 1-855 corporate level, but also yours truly on the local iSmart Payments level. Greg G. Kapitan. You can call or text me at: 801.205.1955 anytime. We are here to help!

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