Enjoy Clover Scan To Order And Pay For Your Food Establishment

The Clover Scan To Order And Pay Feature

iSmart Payments offers your guests the Clover scan to order any pay feature. Your customers can do all the things they’re used to dining in, outside, in their vehicle or walking up to your window. They can look through the menu, choose what they like, and pay the bill.

With Clover’s contactless ordering technology, you can turn tables or lines faster with a smaller staff, all while making your guests’ dining experience safer. Simplify the check out process to make your customer experience much better.

Clover Contactless Ordering And Paying Experience

The Clover Scan to Order and Pay Customer Person
  • Faster and safer ordering
    With QR code menus for restaurants, guests can place contactless orders from their mobile devices
  • Digital QR code menus
    Update your menu on the spot—and say “goodbye” to paying for printed menus
  • Assign table numbers to orders
    Ensure that food is delivered to the correct table
  • Attribute the tips to servers
    Whoever prints the Scan to Order QR code receives the tips

Clover Scan To Order And Pay Will Turn More Tables

Clover QR Code Ordering System for Food Establishments

  • PCI data security
    Like all our solutions, Scan to Order coupled with Scan to Payhelp you adhere to the latest PCI data security standards to help keep payment information safe from fraud
  • The greenest way to order
    Removing paper from the equation allows you to offer a greener and more sustainable way for customers to enjoy your delicious creations
  • Much faster table turns
    Guests order and pay on their own devices, reducing wait times
  • Easy setup and no fees
    Get started fast, and pay no extra fees
Clover QR Code Ordering System for Food Establishments

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