Free POS Terminal

Free POS Terminal

Wold you like a Free POS Terminal for your business? If so iSmart Payments has many to offer. Your business will enjoy being able to simplify your checkout process, manage your inventory, and track customer data with ease. All with our PayAnywhere free smart terminals. Below we have several options to choose from.

Free POS Terminal & Choose Your Card Processing Rate Below:

Low .35% Interchange Plus Rates:

  • .35% Debit Card With A PIN.
  • 1.29% Debit & Credit Cards No PIN.
  • 2.25 % AMEX / Rewards.
  • 2.99% Manually keyed our Virtual Terminal.

You Will Enjoy:

βœ… Free Smart Terminals.
βœ… Next Morning Funding.
βœ… No Contracts or Termination Fees. 
βœ… Local & Corporate Rep Support.

Edge 0% Dual Pricing Rates:

  • 0% Debit Card With A PIN.
  • 0% Debit & Credit Cards No PIN.
  • 0% AMEX / Rewards.
  • 0% Manually keyed our Virtual Terminal.

PayAnywhere Free POS Terminal Mini

iSmart Payments is offering the PayAnywhere PAX A60 Smart Terminal Mini. A sleek and compact smart mobile PIN pad terminal that delivers the highest level of payment security and transactional integrity. The mini is powered by Android, with an elegant and lightweight design that fits easily in the palm of any hand. 

The A60 supports both short WIFI and wide range wireless communication options. This provides the flexibility to operate it either as a powerful standalone Mobile PIN pad or an in-store cordless terminal. All supported by an intelligent printer base with auto-cutter for printed receipts.

Free POS Mini Terminal

PayAnywhere Countertop & PIN Pad Free Terminals

Free Countertop and PIN Pad Terminals

Payments methods have changed and now you can be up-to-date with the PayAnywhere Smart Terminal. Give all of your customers a better checkout experience while accepting and offering all forms of payment including, NFC contactless, EMV Chip cards, PIN debit and EBT options.

You will receive access to the easy-to-digest data you need to help make informed business decisions. Compatible with our iSmart Edge 0% No Fees Dual Pricing Payment Processing option. The PayAnywhere Free Smart Terminal PAX A80 is the perfect match for a wide variety of brick and mortar business.

PayAnywhere Mobile Free POS Terminal

A great choice for business on the go. The perfect replacement option for your traditional terminal with a sizable 5″ HD touchscreen, receipt printer, and barcode scanner. The PayAnywhere mobile smart terminal is the PAX A920 Pro and it is the most versatile unit on the market today with a variety of great features. Perfect if you have to move around or business on the go.

This all-in-one handheld device combines the convenience of a fully equipped terminal with the advanced functionality of PayAnywhere. With an added plus of lightning-fast transaction times, your payments will always be nice and smooth. The Smart Terminal is the perfect match for a variety of businesses. This wireless smart credit card reader allows you to securely accept payments for your business.

PayAnywhere Free POS Terminal Mobile

PayAnywhere Free POS Plus System

PayAnywhere Free POS System Terminal

Efficiently check out your customers with our large format point of sale system. The PayAnywhere Smart POS System comes with an impressive 12.5″ HD touchscreen, 4.3″ customer facing display, receipt printer, and barcode scanner.

Monitor sales, track inventory and so much more. Whether you are upgrading or adding a new system, having the PayAnywhere POS + system on your checkout counter will transform the check-out process. This is for both your team and customers.

Not only will your system be designed especially for your storefront but it will enhance your merchant services experience. You will enjoy lightning-fast and smooth flowing transactions while providing a great customer experience.

PayAnywhere PayAsYouGo Free Smartphone Terminal

Accept payments in any way your customer wants to pay and do this on-the-go from PayAnywhere. Transform your smartphone or tablet into a portable payment device. It’s even compatible with your desktop computer! The bluetooth smartphone card reader is simple and fast.

You will never experience any charges if you do not make a sale. Once you do make a sale, the processing fee is taken out of your deposit. i.e. make a $1,000 sale, the 2.69% processing fee of $26.90 will be taken out right away and the $973.10 will be deposited into your account the next day. 3.49% for manually keyed. Clean, fast and simple!

Bluetooth Smartphone Card Reader

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